Standup Comedian: A new job in Town

It was back in 2011, when I first stumbled across Russell peters.It took me a couple of days to understand his tone and racial humour thrown out of it. A particular line that I still remember is “Hey, be a man”. 

Well, I keep exploring my taste in stand up comedy from there, on the way I found George Carlin, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, Will ferrell and many more.

Before that many of us had watched “Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, Raju Shrivastav: A man that I will always admire. Later followed by “Kapil Sharma show”(Not my type), and had seen our Neighbour making a completely new industry out of it. Now, there exist a second generation of stand up comedians in india, comedian and audiences  are more mature now, they even digested “AIB roast” :comedy that lies in insulting, I LOVED IT

This rush made its remark here in Nepal just a couple of years ago, to acquire early audiences half of the work is already done by comedians outside Nepal and technology platforms like youtube in preparing audiences for such content. Other half is perfectly executed by the platforms like “Comedy Circle” and  “Nep-gasm” by providing a platform, resources and production for professional content. Thus created an “Ecosystem” where stakeholders are comedians, audiences and platforms. 

Recently, the hint of this movement attracted few established mainstream figures in the media industry, eagerly waiting for their next catch. Jumped right into and came up with a show called “Comedy Champion” 

Well, I did not miss a single episode, although I used to skip some individual performances. 

The framework of the show “Comedy Champion” did not leave anything behind to sharpen new talents, they mold their scripting and performance skills throughout the whole season on many stages encouraging them to adopt new characters & style.

Opening a door for many upcoming aspiring comedians………


Is Facebook Down in Nepal?

Is Facebook down in Nepal? Yes, it seems so. Not only the facebook, all the subsidiary products that comes under Facebook Umbrella like Whatsapp, Instagram,  Messenger are not working in the most part of Nepal. According to some international media houses, the issue is with its servers

Is Facebook Down in Nepal?

About two hours ago I was scrolling facebook feed and then I opened a link in new tab, it didn’t open. I ignored that and moved on with other stuff, then about a half-hour ago I tried texting using messenger, it doesn’t work as well. Then I tried to find what is happening and came across many news saying facebook is down on most part of the globe.

Actually, the problems are with the Facebook servers started earlier in the morning but the issues hit here only 2 hours ago, leaving many Facebook dependent businesses in chaos.

My initial thought was “Nepal Government has to do something with his”. Since we are going through “Ban Syndrome” as I call it. But that’s not the case behind current facebook down in Nepal and this is what I did initially.

1. Checks Wi-Fi

2. Disconnect from Wi-Fi

3. Reconnect to Wi-Fi

4. Restarts phone

5. Checks Facebook & Instagram

6. Checks Wi-Fi

7. Repeat 1-6

This image explain the a lot what is happening right now.

facebook down in Nepal, Is facebook Down?, Is facebook down in Nepal
Meanwhile on Twitter

Facebook has responded on the issue since many are claiming that it was a result of DDOS attack but it is a result of high volume traffic.

Facebook down is not a common issue, its a rare phenomenon and we are in the middle of that.


HackClash-Nepal Hackathon

Entrepreneurship is very interesting subject and needless to say Nepal is also getting pretty forward in the field. Number of startups are growing in Nepal each day. Information Technology is moving with the pace like never before. However, because of so many unstable and socio-economic condition Nepali tech enthusiasts have been deprived of their basic needs-knowledge. And, there are not so many events where you can quench your thirst for knowledge of IT in Nepal, right? NO. Not ow, because HackClash Nepal has organised hackathon for every tech enthusiasts in Nepal.

hackclash nepal, hackclash hackathon nepal
Event Image by HackClash Nepal

What is Hackathon?
Well, Hackathon is just like any social gathering but it is much prdouctive and focused toward creating something wonderful in very short period of time. People who are interested in any field (mostly technology and business) gather and sit for a day or two, they work and brainstorm idea, finally turn the idea into real product within 36-48 hours. Hackathon is very productive event for startup enthusiasts.
This Hackathon by HackClash-Nepal, however is a event for tech enthusiasts. If you know coding and stuffs you are going to dig it, but even if you don’t know coding you can participate in other roles in the organizational development such as Business development, idea generation and project management.

Why should you go to this Hackathon?
Well, that’s the tough question because there are millions of answers to that question. Events like these launch shuttle of your creativity and productivity way up into space. Even if you don’t make out for stars, you can still land on moon if you go. Other compelling the hackathon 2016 are,

It’s for free: Oh yeah, that’s right. This event is totally free, from food, internet, and place to entry fee. There is no any charge to participate. However, there are going to be Donation Boxes if you feel like contributing. Don’t worry none is going to gulp your money, all the money is going to relief for earthquake victims as per organizers. Also, you can get additional swag and precious knowledge for free.

Lot of freedom: You don’t have to be techie to participate in this hackathon, you can be anything. Even if you are fellow with zero knowledge about information technology you can go to event. Moreover, this event is open themed so you can create anything that comes in your mind.
HackClash-Nepal hackathon is breaking the boundaries of putting theme on event and cap on creativity.
Awesome tech: The best thing about Hackathons is technology. They help you introduce yourself to new technology. Since, Hackclash had previous experience in organizing Hackathons and access to resources- this hackathon is going to be full of dope tech. And, also mentors who have precise knowledge on startup and entrepreneurship will be mentoring there. Those mentors have already worked at many prestigious companies in the world and some mentors have their own pioneering companies. They will take you to Scuba Diving into the ocean full of opportunity.

Thinking Out of Box: The event will surely help you think out of box. This will take you around who are intelligent than you but think like you. Also, people who are lot different than you are also going to be there. So, it will be your chance to get out of box.

When and how should you register?
Deadline for registration is 31st December 2015, however organizer have been saying applications will be open if they have seat open. Well, keep in mind that there are limited sits. You have to go through simple registration process.
Registration process is very easy– visit this link from your browser or click here and complete the application form. You are good to go. Send an email to or call on +977-9808480346

If you are selected for event you will be getting good news by Jan 1st. Just remember to take blankets and your devices (phone, laptops or tablets) with you. Be innovative and create something.
PS: More info
-Event is free i.e No registration fee
-There is no age limit or gender restriction.
-Free Food, Shuttle and Internet.
-There is also a prize i.e surprise.




It was certainly certain that our country will suffer the resources breakdown so called “The Call of Crisis


On 3rd July 2015 the constitution was drafted and came into an effect on 20 September with reinstatement of interim constitution 2007. The second constituent Assembly was organized considering the failure of First Constituent Assembly even though few remarks were unacceptable for few majorities of individuals and the country was slowly switching to the crisis mode. Subsequently, here we are living and striving on this verge of crunching point of our lives.

intermin constitution of nepal 2072
Constitution of Nepal


Sometime it seems that we Nepalese are born to fight.


Let’s unfold the pages of our history and recall our entire achieved milestone. The time and circumstance of the entire political, natural and vigorous struggle as in opposition or resistance and its upheaval has brought us down to the ruins but we have been constantly defending ourselves with aspiration of being a fireball –“A fireball of desiring success”

But somehow we being desirous won’t help. We need to make strenuous effort towards any goal.


The current breakdowns of our daily resources have pushed us forcibly towards a critical dilemma. Our daily grind life has turned into a series of complete obstruction by various means. We are looking for the meaning where there is no value of our ideas but some individuals have been very considerate and proceeding from benevolence in different form and ways. The amount of exertion expended for specified purpose and the exertion of physical and mental power have successfully pulled some strings to make the daily lifestyle a handful by bit.


  • Clear your Mind
  • Open your Eyes
  •  Filter your vision
  • Provide your empathetic approach


As we are witnessing since the day of the crisis begun people in and out of the capital city have been very helpful by rendering their aid and assistance to the masses of our nation. The aiding ideas brought to the road by facebook enthusiast named “Carpool Kathmandu” and “MRR” created an impact of psychological identification with vicarious experiencing of feelings, thoughts and attitudes of mutual growth to prevent this vile occurrence of crisis. It’s very appealing to the emotions by learning that we Nepalese still hold the feeling of brotherhood and mutual harmony and we should keep hold to it always.

carpool kathmandu


As per to the Nepalese calendar this year 2072 B.S (2015 AD) have been very coincidental to us so far; affected by abundance of destructive events and incidents. The year started with the devastating natural catastrophe and followed by the present condition of instability and danger. It is just a stage in a sequence of events that will determine the future events especially for better or for worse. It’s a turning point for us we needed a lesson and its upto us to learn and grasp the idea for good. It’s very ironic that eventually the long awaited constitution approaches leading to the despoil change as in social, economic, political and international affairs. Well the international affair with China has been much unified. We can consider them as our good neighbor. They exhibited us their goodwill and consolidation of effort by fulfilling the need of fuel and other essentials. But we can’t always rely on others. Its time for us to make change but the crucial point is we are not ready yet to make changes, why?

nepali fuel supply
Nepalease fuel Tankers


There is a saying – “Morning shows the day”


As we have been witnessing and experiencing the tidbit changes among our countrymen. We can say that we are out and about to make a huge decisive change to pass gradually into the whole new era of “Naya Nepal


The beginning can be and it is in reality very challenging but the time is just testing our ability and endurance to survive the inflexibility of life. We can know by the personal presence and perception, testify and afford evidence that we can grow big with impeccable elements of development.


Let’s live and live to win, let’s grow and grow together






Nepali Football Players Match-Fixing Reality


MATCH FIXING: Their Bread and Butter!

It does matter when our own national players have been trading their nationality in exchange of crooked money and we are so naive about the whole game of atrocity.

Match fixing is not a concealed headline of the sports history today. Numerous personalities have been caught doing such fraudulent act of treachery; it’s just that they fully think about money but not beyond their origin, work ethic, their passion and perspective.

nepali football supporters
Nepali Football Fans


Talking about perspective; our national football players came with an idea to deceive their own country and their countrymen. Five members from the Nepalese national football team including four players and a coach has been caught on 28 Oct 2015. The curiosity on this case are bombarding through out our territory. As we conceive the trend of match fixing in football have been bustling since ages and ages and it was never too late for such act to make homage by the players of our national team. Sources said they have been scrambling their treacherous behavior to our nation since 2008 and the question pops up:


  • Why and for what certain reason they followed the way of dishonesty?
  • Didn’t the ANFA and the government provide them with their essentials?
  • What took so long to latch them?
  • Where lays the nationality and its significant value?
  • What happen to their admiration for the game?
  • How they stumble upon such exploitation?
  • Why on earth money speaks louder than authenticity?
  • Is the sentiment of patriotism still alive among us?               


It’s an unstoppable bombardment – “well the deluge of queries never stops” but let’s ignore the adverting comments and have a moment to think by ourselves. We know and the truth has been told already money does speak louder than authenticity. People are ready to sell their soul for the wad of easy paper trails and like they say- “if you’re paper chasing you should follow that paper trail”. When on earth people can sell their soul for money then the nationality, work and passion becomes obvious. Let’s not be the part of the obvious, it’s difficult but try it.


nepali national team

Apparently, the players acknowledge that; they committed this crime of fraudulency. Well they did afford some honesty at last. Amusement can come in different forms in life but to the nation and most importantly to the Nepalese football enthusiast. They have received the amusement in saddening situation when there is scarcity of petrol, fuel and other essentials. Its just amplifies the agony and we just let it go but we shall not!


I must say these Nepalese football players received hefty blessings (Dakshina) for Dashain.


The reason must be due to their influential behavior. Well in a nutshell there had been many treacherous act as such through out the world but since our dearest and most admired neighbor.


Well you know the name?

They have been very kind and complementary to us and to our nation these days.


Our national players might have been influenced by their national players as we know there is tons of such match fixing scandals in their cricket history. No any bigotry or prejudice against any ethnic group or nation. However, this content only desires to cast a light on the genuineness and the valid approach that we Nepalese ought to exhibit on the present moment and the coming days. The fraudulent shake-down can shake the Nepalese national football team or the entire nation but we have survived the humongous shake-down of the nature so we rise and we rise to shine.








  Types OF relatives you will meet in Dashain

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? It’s me Dashain!

dashain ping rope
Dashain Ping

Welcoming the biggest festive season of Nepali calendar is not only a source of excitement and celebration but also the opportunity to mingle around with your known and unknown relatives that can be entertaining or a complete bummer –“ in that case read thoroughly too make it upbeat”.  Dashain rings the bell of harmony and melody; speaking of which your relatives are the harmony and melody, it’s almost like the different genres of music.


We happen to stumble upon a group of relatives sometimes that we feel like we are in some kind of “Lok Dohari” music videos that has been monotonously continuing in a same tune and rhythm with utterly tiresome vocals. Things get more amusing when we greet and meet with bunch of wannabe character that claim to appear as classy like one we see in jennifer lopez music videos and eventually your heart beats in a perfect rhythm when you find out the amount you received in an envelope so called “Dakshina”.

nepali dashain tika
Dashain Tika

Admit it or not most of us care about the money notes rather than the blessing given by elders but even though we do care, love and admire our related. We laugh, reminisce, play cards, drink, and dance, enjoy just to create more happiness around us by making ourselves believe that Dashain is the festival that keeps the relatives united.


Let’s conceive the different shades and colors of our relatives.


Old but too bold


Here we are talking about the seniors; they are too concerned about things we are pursuing or doing. Well its natural they don’t want their bloodlines to get screwed. It’s obvious they sound strictly harsh but it’s for our well being and they are the one who gives true blessings and hefty papers in the envelope if you know what I mean?


The cool kids


We know and we have seen may be some of us fall on this category too. These particular characters are too exaggerating in a general sense. Exaggerating in a way that they portray their attitude to be the “Swag” or they believe to be in vogue and in normal sense they are just trying to fabricate their true colors. Truth hurts but the truth is they are too tacky doing such impersonation and “Rainbows are naturally beautiful”.  Some of the individuals are cool for real; like they are the genuine character out there. They are the one who has an authentic approach and believe to be the most fun to be around.


The Lone survivor


Turn your head around, locate the guy with a grim smile and shy expression and target has been spotted. This particular relative of yours can be shy for real or he is too self conscious about his ideas and stuff. Talking about the stuff you might consider he is high on something? May be he is on something organic or natural that cheers him up. So the lone survivor can be a guy/ girl you desire to talk with but sometime they are just like cups of tea without any sugar either way just give an approach you won’t regret.


Ace of spades


Title says it all; this relative of yours knows tricks of the trade. He is the “Ace of Spades”. This character knows how to fling with cards and he is the one winning abundant hands of game one after another. Make sure he doesn’t gets away with the money after, approach him to buy bottles of beer in the end. I am not considering you guys to be selfish. Well it’s the biggest festive season and its time to let loose with your dearest relatives and enjoy some ice cold bottle of beers so go for it and make the moment cherished always.


One in a million


Only few of us have company like the one on the title. One in a million is your stoner buddy in the family. When other relatives are busy drinking, chatting, and playing cards, we are busy Smoking some good green stuff (Marijuana) we hide, we sneak around and find some place secluded and there we go puff, puff and pass. It nice to have the company as such, it just that the relatives like those makes the ingredients of your festive moments more exquisite. So guys offer your stoner buddy some good organic ingredient and goodies.


The guy with a pot of gold


We stumble across bunch of relatives and here comes the person at last who hover around to see what and how much we got? Maybe he wants to pursue the career as financial adviser but that’s a different story. People it doesn’t matter how much money we get as blessing. Its all about bonding and blessing that makes relationship stronger and moments memorable. It’s all about the ideas that keep faith and love in the family alive. We and our relatives are one and by one mean the big family.

food in dashain festival
Dashain Food


The big fat festival of Nepalese “Dashain” is all about love, care, reunion, blessing and fun unlimited with family and relatives. Not to forget delicious non-vegetarian food and cookery too.




How to make Nepali flag themed profile picture in Facebook?

Being Nepali is awesome itself. Moreover, there are lots of other things which add flavors to this feeling. Like our unique flag. Nepali Flag is the most mathematical and meaningful flag in the world. So, this means we are the smartest one on earth. So, why don’t we show this to the world?

Maybe you might have noticed, currently there is trend of keeping the flag watermark on Facebook profile picture. Along with the rest of the world so many of our friends are also doing it. And you might have felt jealous and proud at the same time, watching beautiful flag of Nepal on Facebook profile picture of your friend. But how do they do it? Maybe you want to do it too but you have no idea how. Or, you got answers you don’t understand when you asked how?

Well, if you are having hard time trying to figure out how to get flagged profile picture, you stumbled in the right place. I am going to help you get Nepali Flag theme on your Facebook profile picture so everyone will feel jealous of you. It seems like this needs knowledge of editing software you’ve never heard of. Or, sounds like complicated and smart stuff to do. In fact, it is not difficult as it seems. There is no complicated stuff involved to make your profile picture flagged with Nepalese Flag.

It is just few clicks, and only thing you need is tiny little brain inside your head. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go,

  1. Open your browser. (It is okay even if you have already opened it. You can go to new tab or window)


  1. Open, you can directly click on the link and it will open for you.
  1. nepali flag, nepali flag profile picture
    Change your profile picture into Nepali Flag

    You can see that you can directly create from Facebook or you can upload it.

Select the method which is more comfortable to you.

  1. Download the picture and you are good to go. You will find that the picture you downloaded has the watermark of Nepalese flag on it. You can set it as your profile picture easily.


So guys this is all about getting Nepali flag on your profile picture. There is only one type of water mark available right now. But we hope there will be other too in the near future. If you are more experimental and want other type of water mark on your picture, you can surely go for Photoshop or other editing software. This is the most basic method of doing so. Hope you guys find it helpful. So, happy editing and Jay Nepal.