HackClash-Nepal Hackathon

Entrepreneurship is very interesting subject and needless to say Nepal is also getting pretty forward in the field. Number of startups are growing in Nepal each day. Information Technology is moving with the pace like never before. However, because of so many unstable and socio-economic condition Nepali tech enthusiasts have been deprived of their basic needs-knowledge. And, there are not so many events where you can quench your thirst for knowledge of IT in Nepal, right? NO. Not ow, because HackClash Nepal has organised hackathon for every tech enthusiasts in Nepal.

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Event Image by HackClash Nepal

What is Hackathon?
Well, Hackathon is just like any social gathering but it is much prdouctive and focused toward creating something wonderful in very short period of time. People who are interested in any field (mostly technology and business) gather and sit for a day or two, they work and brainstorm idea, finally turn the idea into real product within 36-48 hours. Hackathon is very productive event for startup enthusiasts.
This Hackathon by HackClash-Nepal, however is a event for tech enthusiasts. If you know coding and stuffs you are going to dig it, but even if you don’t know coding you can participate in other roles in the organizational development such as Business development, idea generation and project management.

Why should you go to this Hackathon?
Well, that’s the tough question because there are millions of answers to that question. Events like these launch shuttle of your creativity and productivity way up into space. Even if you don’t make out for stars, you can still land on moon if you go. Other compelling the hackathon 2016 are,

It’s for free: Oh yeah, that’s right. This event is totally free, from food, internet, and place to entry fee. There is no any charge to participate. However, there are going to be Donation Boxes if you feel like contributing. Don’t worry none is going to gulp your money, all the money is going to relief for earthquake victims as per organizers. Also, you can get additional swag and precious knowledge for free.

Lot of freedom: You don’t have to be techie to participate in this hackathon, you can be anything. Even if you are fellow with zero knowledge about information technology you can go to event. Moreover, this event is open themed so you can create anything that comes in your mind.
HackClash-Nepal hackathon is breaking the boundaries of putting theme on event and cap on creativity.
Awesome tech: The best thing about Hackathons is technology. They help you introduce yourself to new technology. Since, Hackclash had previous experience in organizing Hackathons and access to resources- this hackathon is going to be full of dope tech. And, also mentors who have precise knowledge on startup and entrepreneurship will be mentoring there. Those mentors have already worked at many prestigious companies in the world and some mentors have their own pioneering companies. They will take you to Scuba Diving into the ocean full of opportunity.

Thinking Out of Box: The event will surely help you think out of box. This will take you around who are intelligent than you but think like you. Also, people who are lot different than you are also going to be there. So, it will be your chance to get out of box.

When and how should you register?
Deadline for registration is 31st December 2015, however organizer have been saying applications will be open if they have seat open. Well, keep in mind that there are limited sits. You have to go through simple registration process.
Registration process is very easy– visit this link from your browser or click here and complete the application form. You are good to go. Send an email to or call on +977-9808480346

If you are selected for event you will be getting good news by Jan 1st. Just remember to take blankets and your devices (phone, laptops or tablets) with you. Be innovative and create something.
PS: More info
-Event is free i.e No registration fee
-There is no age limit or gender restriction.
-Free Food, Shuttle and Internet.
-There is also a prize i.e surprise.

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