Is Facebook Down in Nepal?

Is Facebook down in Nepal? Yes, it seems so. Not only the facebook, all the subsidiary products that comes under Facebook Umbrella like Whatsapp, Instagram,  Messenger are not working in the most part of Nepal. According to some international media houses, the issue is with its servers

Is Facebook Down in Nepal?

About two hours ago I was scrolling facebook feed and then I opened a link in new tab, it didn’t open. I ignored that and moved on with other stuff, then about a half-hour ago I tried texting using messenger, it doesn’t work as well. Then I tried to find what is happening and came across many news saying facebook is down on most part of the globe.

Actually, the problems are with the Facebook servers started earlier in the morning but the issues hit here only 2 hours ago, leaving many Facebook dependent businesses in chaos.

My initial thought was “Nepal Government has to do something with his”. Since we are going through “Ban Syndrome” as I call it. But that’s not the case behind current facebook down in Nepal and this is what I did initially.

1. Checks Wi-Fi

2. Disconnect from Wi-Fi

3. Reconnect to Wi-Fi

4. Restarts phone

5. Checks Facebook & Instagram

6. Checks Wi-Fi

7. Repeat 1-6

This image explain the a lot what is happening right now.

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Meanwhile on Twitter

Facebook has responded on the issue since many are claiming that it was a result of DDOS attack but it is a result of high volume traffic.

Facebook down is not a common issue, its a rare phenomenon and we are in the middle of that.

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