Nepali Football Players Match-Fixing Reality


MATCH FIXING: Their Bread and Butter!

It does matter when our own national players have been trading their nationality in exchange of crooked money and we are so naive about the whole game of atrocity.

Match fixing is not a concealed headline of the sports history today. Numerous personalities have been caught doing such fraudulent act of treachery; it’s just that they fully think about money but not beyond their origin, work ethic, their passion and perspective.

nepali football supporters
Nepali Football Fans


Talking about perspective; our national football players came with an idea to deceive their own country and their countrymen. Five members from the Nepalese national football team including four players and a coach has been caught on 28 Oct 2015. The curiosity on this case are bombarding through out our territory. As we conceive the trend of match fixing in football have been bustling since ages and ages and it was never too late for such act to make homage by the players of our national team. Sources said they have been scrambling their treacherous behavior to our nation since 2008 and the question pops up:


  • Why and for what certain reason they followed the way of dishonesty?
  • Didn’t the ANFA and the government provide them with their essentials?
  • What took so long to latch them?
  • Where lays the nationality and its significant value?
  • What happen to their admiration for the game?
  • How they stumble upon such exploitation?
  • Why on earth money speaks louder than authenticity?
  • Is the sentiment of patriotism still alive among us?               


It’s an unstoppable bombardment – “well the deluge of queries never stops” but let’s ignore the adverting comments and have a moment to think by ourselves. We know and the truth has been told already money does speak louder than authenticity. People are ready to sell their soul for the wad of easy paper trails and like they say- “if you’re paper chasing you should follow that paper trail”. When on earth people can sell their soul for money then the nationality, work and passion becomes obvious. Let’s not be the part of the obvious, it’s difficult but try it.


nepali national team

Apparently, the players acknowledge that; they committed this crime of fraudulency. Well they did afford some honesty at last. Amusement can come in different forms in life but to the nation and most importantly to the Nepalese football enthusiast. They have received the amusement in saddening situation when there is scarcity of petrol, fuel and other essentials. Its just amplifies the agony and we just let it go but we shall not!


I must say these Nepalese football players received hefty blessings (Dakshina) for Dashain.


The reason must be due to their influential behavior. Well in a nutshell there had been many treacherous act as such through out the world but since our dearest and most admired neighbor.


Well you know the name?

They have been very kind and complementary to us and to our nation these days.


Our national players might have been influenced by their national players as we know there is tons of such match fixing scandals in their cricket history. No any bigotry or prejudice against any ethnic group or nation. However, this content only desires to cast a light on the genuineness and the valid approach that we Nepalese ought to exhibit on the present moment and the coming days. The fraudulent shake-down can shake the Nepalese national football team or the entire nation but we have survived the humongous shake-down of the nature so we rise and we rise to shine.







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