Standup Comedian: A new job in Town

It was back in 2011, when I first stumbled across Russell peters.It took me a couple of days to understand his tone and racial humour thrown out of it. A particular line that I still remember is “Hey, be a man”. 

Well, I keep exploring my taste in stand up comedy from there, on the way I found George Carlin, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, Will ferrell and many more.

Before that many of us had watched “Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, Raju Shrivastav: A man that I will always admire. Later followed by “Kapil Sharma show”(Not my type), and had seen our Neighbour making a completely new industry out of it. Now, there exist a second generation of stand up comedians in india, comedian and audiences  are more mature now, they even digested “AIB roast” :comedy that lies in insulting, I LOVED IT

This rush made its remark here in Nepal just a couple of years ago, to acquire early audiences half of the work is already done by comedians outside Nepal and technology platforms like youtube in preparing audiences for such content. Other half is perfectly executed by the platforms like “Comedy Circle” and  “Nep-gasm” by providing a platform, resources and production for professional content. Thus created an “Ecosystem” where stakeholders are comedians, audiences and platforms. 

Recently, the hint of this movement attracted few established mainstream figures in the media industry, eagerly waiting for their next catch. Jumped right into and came up with a show called “Comedy Champion” 

Well, I did not miss a single episode, although I used to skip some individual performances. 

The framework of the show “Comedy Champion” did not leave anything behind to sharpen new talents, they mold their scripting and performance skills throughout the whole season on many stages encouraging them to adopt new characters & style.

Opening a door for many upcoming aspiring comedians………

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