It was certainly certain that our country will suffer the resources breakdown so called “The Call of Crisis


On 3rd July 2015 the constitution was drafted and came into an effect on 20 September with reinstatement of interim constitution 2007. The second constituent Assembly was organized considering the failure of First Constituent Assembly even though few remarks were unacceptable for few majorities of individuals and the country was slowly switching to the crisis mode. Subsequently, here we are living and striving on this verge of crunching point of our lives.

intermin constitution of nepal 2072
Constitution of Nepal


Sometime it seems that we Nepalese are born to fight.


Let’s unfold the pages of our history and recall our entire achieved milestone. The time and circumstance of the entire political, natural and vigorous struggle as in opposition or resistance and its upheaval has brought us down to the ruins but we have been constantly defending ourselves with aspiration of being a fireball –“A fireball of desiring success”

But somehow we being desirous won’t help. We need to make strenuous effort towards any goal.


The current breakdowns of our daily resources have pushed us forcibly towards a critical dilemma. Our daily grind life has turned into a series of complete obstruction by various means. We are looking for the meaning where there is no value of our ideas but some individuals have been very considerate and proceeding from benevolence in different form and ways. The amount of exertion expended for specified purpose and the exertion of physical and mental power have successfully pulled some strings to make the daily lifestyle a handful by bit.


  • Clear your Mind
  • Open your Eyes
  •  Filter your vision
  • Provide your empathetic approach


As we are witnessing since the day of the crisis begun people in and out of the capital city have been very helpful by rendering their aid and assistance to the masses of our nation. The aiding ideas brought to the road by facebook enthusiast named “Carpool Kathmandu” and “MRR” created an impact of psychological identification with vicarious experiencing of feelings, thoughts and attitudes of mutual growth to prevent this vile occurrence of crisis. It’s very appealing to the emotions by learning that we Nepalese still hold the feeling of brotherhood and mutual harmony and we should keep hold to it always.

carpool kathmandu


As per to the Nepalese calendar this year 2072 B.S (2015 AD) have been very coincidental to us so far; affected by abundance of destructive events and incidents. The year started with the devastating natural catastrophe and followed by the present condition of instability and danger. It is just a stage in a sequence of events that will determine the future events especially for better or for worse. It’s a turning point for us we needed a lesson and its upto us to learn and grasp the idea for good. It’s very ironic that eventually the long awaited constitution approaches leading to the despoil change as in social, economic, political and international affairs. Well the international affair with China has been much unified. We can consider them as our good neighbor. They exhibited us their goodwill and consolidation of effort by fulfilling the need of fuel and other essentials. But we can’t always rely on others. Its time for us to make change but the crucial point is we are not ready yet to make changes, why?

nepali fuel supply
Nepalease fuel Tankers


There is a saying – “Morning shows the day”


As we have been witnessing and experiencing the tidbit changes among our countrymen. We can say that we are out and about to make a huge decisive change to pass gradually into the whole new era of “Naya Nepal


The beginning can be and it is in reality very challenging but the time is just testing our ability and endurance to survive the inflexibility of life. We can know by the personal presence and perception, testify and afford evidence that we can grow big with impeccable elements of development.


Let’s live and live to win, let’s grow and grow together





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