Types OF relatives you will meet in Dashain

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? It’s me Dashain!

dashain ping rope
Dashain Ping

Welcoming the biggest festive season of Nepali calendar is not only a source of excitement and celebration but also the opportunity to mingle around with your known and unknown relatives that can be entertaining or a complete bummer –“ in that case read thoroughly too make it upbeat”.  Dashain rings the bell of harmony and melody; speaking of which your relatives are the harmony and melody, it’s almost like the different genres of music.


We happen to stumble upon a group of relatives sometimes that we feel like we are in some kind of “Lok Dohari” music videos that has been monotonously continuing in a same tune and rhythm with utterly tiresome vocals. Things get more amusing when we greet and meet with bunch of wannabe character that claim to appear as classy like one we see in jennifer lopez music videos and eventually your heart beats in a perfect rhythm when you find out the amount you received in an envelope so called “Dakshina”.

nepali dashain tika
Dashain Tika

Admit it or not most of us care about the money notes rather than the blessing given by elders but even though we do care, love and admire our related. We laugh, reminisce, play cards, drink, and dance, enjoy just to create more happiness around us by making ourselves believe that Dashain is the festival that keeps the relatives united.


Let’s conceive the different shades and colors of our relatives.


Old but too bold


Here we are talking about the seniors; they are too concerned about things we are pursuing or doing. Well its natural they don’t want their bloodlines to get screwed. It’s obvious they sound strictly harsh but it’s for our well being and they are the one who gives true blessings and hefty papers in the envelope if you know what I mean?


The cool kids


We know and we have seen may be some of us fall on this category too. These particular characters are too exaggerating in a general sense. Exaggerating in a way that they portray their attitude to be the “Swag” or they believe to be in vogue and in normal sense they are just trying to fabricate their true colors. Truth hurts but the truth is they are too tacky doing such impersonation and “Rainbows are naturally beautiful”.  Some of the individuals are cool for real; like they are the genuine character out there. They are the one who has an authentic approach and believe to be the most fun to be around.


The Lone survivor


Turn your head around, locate the guy with a grim smile and shy expression and target has been spotted. This particular relative of yours can be shy for real or he is too self conscious about his ideas and stuff. Talking about the stuff you might consider he is high on something? May be he is on something organic or natural that cheers him up. So the lone survivor can be a guy/ girl you desire to talk with but sometime they are just like cups of tea without any sugar either way just give an approach you won’t regret.


Ace of spades


Title says it all; this relative of yours knows tricks of the trade. He is the “Ace of Spades”. This character knows how to fling with cards and he is the one winning abundant hands of game one after another. Make sure he doesn’t gets away with the money after, approach him to buy bottles of beer in the end. I am not considering you guys to be selfish. Well it’s the biggest festive season and its time to let loose with your dearest relatives and enjoy some ice cold bottle of beers so go for it and make the moment cherished always.


One in a million


Only few of us have company like the one on the title. One in a million is your stoner buddy in the family. When other relatives are busy drinking, chatting, and playing cards, we are busy Smoking some good green stuff (Marijuana) we hide, we sneak around and find some place secluded and there we go puff, puff and pass. It nice to have the company as such, it just that the relatives like those makes the ingredients of your festive moments more exquisite. So guys offer your stoner buddy some good organic ingredient and goodies.


The guy with a pot of gold


We stumble across bunch of relatives and here comes the person at last who hover around to see what and how much we got? Maybe he wants to pursue the career as financial adviser but that’s a different story. People it doesn’t matter how much money we get as blessing. Its all about bonding and blessing that makes relationship stronger and moments memorable. It’s all about the ideas that keep faith and love in the family alive. We and our relatives are one and by one mean the big family.

food in dashain festival
Dashain Food


The big fat festival of Nepalese “Dashain” is all about love, care, reunion, blessing and fun unlimited with family and relatives. Not to forget delicious non-vegetarian food and cookery too.



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